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A History of Costume

A History of Costume

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The author's intention in compiling this work was to show by practical examples the history of the development of dress. This is the most reliable and authentic account of the subject, for the author took pains to base his study on actual pieces of clothing that have survived, only turning to paintings, statues and other reproductions in cases where originals no longer existed.
Adopting an historical approach, the author examines the costumes of the ancient peoples of the Mediterranean lands and Asia Minor, progresses to the Teutonic prehistoric period, the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, 18th and 19th centuries. He covers all aspects of the subject: male and female fashions, outer as well as under garments, materials used, methods of tailoring, designs, dyes, fashions for all occasions (ballroom, court, travel, sports, military, theatre, religious ceremonies, etc.), garb worn by various professions and occupations, all types of accessories, and other categories of attire.
The illustrations that accompany the highly readable account are plentiful and extremely accurate. In the early periods, where no clothing was survived, the author has provided photographs of statues and relief sculpture found by archaeologists, together with line drawings and patterns based on these relics. Later chapters are accompanied by photographs of actual costumes worn by professional models.
A very unusual feature of this book is the inclusion of clear, measured, detailed patterns for many of the articles of clothing which the author illustrates. With these patterns it is possible to make copies, either in exact specifications or in variants. It would be practically impossible to reproduce much early costume without these patterns.
The uses of the book are many. For theatrical and movie producers about to produce a "period piece," the book will be an invaluable source. Fashion designers will find their imaginations stimulated by the descriptions and the illustrations. Artists illustrating books the action of which takes place at some time in the past may depend upon the authenticity of the examples given here. Teachers of courses in the history of dress will find this an excellent text or supplementary source. The general reader with no previous contact with the subject may expect to come away from the book with a thorough knowledge of the way people have dressed throughout the Western world from ancient times up through the 19th century.

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