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First Love

First Love

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When the down-at-heel Princess Zasyekin moves next door to the country estate of Vladimir Petrovich's parents, he instantly and overwhelmingly falls in love with his new neighbour's daughter, Zinaida. But the capricious young woman already has many admirers and, as she plays her suitors against each other, Vladimir's unrequited youthful passion soon turns to torment and despair - although he remains unaware of his true rival for Zinaida's affections. Set in the world of nineteenth-century Russia's fading aristocracy, Turgenev's story depicts a boy's growth of knowledge and mastery over his own heart as he awakens to the complex nature of adult love.
Isaiah Berlin's moving translation retains the realism and depth of the Russian original. In his illuminating introduction, V. S. Pritchett examines Turgenev's life and times, his autobiographical influences and his role as an innovator in Russian prose literature.