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Selected Writings (Dario, Ruben) (Penguin Classics)

Selected Writings (Dario, Ruben) (Penguin Classics)

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Born in Nicaragua, RubA©n DarA­o is known as the consummate leader of the Modernista movement, an esthetic trend that swept the Americas from Mexico to Argentina at the end of the nineteenth century. Seeking a language and a style that would distinguish the newly emergent nations from the old imperial power of Spain, DarA­o's writing offered a refreshingly new vision of the world—an artistic sensibility at once cosmopolitan and connected to the rhythms of nature. The first part of this collection presents DarA­o's most significant poems in a bilingual format and organized thematically in the way DarA­o himself envisioned them. The second part is devoted to DarA­o's prose, including short stories, fables, profiles, travel writing, reportage, opinion pieces, and letters. A sweeping biographical introduction by distinguished critic Ilan Stavans places DarA­o in historical and artistic context, not only in Latin America but in world literature.