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The Art Book for Children: Book 1

The Art Book for Children: Book 1

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Can dressing up be art? How do you paint feelings? Why did Giuseppe Arcimboldo choose a grocer's shop to find his inspiration? How do you make an Alberto Giacometti? Can you paint a noise? Why did Jeff Koons make a giant sculpture from 70,000 plants?
This book explores the choices and attitudes of thirty different artists. It helps stimulate children's own creativity and imagination by asking them to wonder why artists create things in the way that they do. It explores the various ideas, meanings, roles and functions of art by looking at painting, sculpture, photography and prints and helps develop children's understanding of colour; form, texture and pattern.
Simple, clear and fun, it is an ideal tool for teachers and parents, as well as a perfect introduction to all those approaching art for the first time.

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