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Skills in English Writing Level 3 (course book)

Skills in English Writing Level 3 (course book)

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This work presents a major course for students who are studying or will need to study wholly or partly in English medium at some point in the future, i.e., pre-sessional students. "Skills in English" is intended to provide the core programme for pre-sessional courses. For many institutions, the course alone will be sufficient to meet English language teaching needs, eliminating the need to buy a large number of separate books. However, the course can be readily supplemented if required. The features include: targeted specifically at college and university students; the only course on the market designed for pre-sessional students; designed to teach study skills; low-level entry point; and, skills-based. "Skills in English" is not designed for use by one specific institution or country. However, the nature of the course, and the approach taken by Garnet Education, mean that a great deal of customization can be carried out if a particular institution wishes to do so.