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One to One: A Teacher's Handbook

One to One: A Teacher's Handbook

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"One to One: A Teacher's Handbook" is the first teachers' book to address the problems and develop a methodology for the small group and one-to-one situation.
As a result of his wide ESP experience, the author, Peter Wilberg, has created a coherent approach in this neglected area. He outlines the positive aspects of the one-to-one situation and shows that it is the most natural and potentially most efficient way of learning.
"One to One: A Teacher's Handbook" creates a comprehensive theory, and develops this fully into practical teaching materials and ideas:
  • diaries;
  • needs analysis;
  • active reading;
  • using tapes;
  • dictation;
  • vocabulary;
  • dialogues;
  • presentations;
  • active listening;
  • recording;
  • grammar;
  • collocation.
    It is the combination of insight and practicality which makes "One to One: A Teacher's Handbook"a unique handbook for all ESP teachers, in-company teachers, and language trainers.

    Формат: 17 см х 24 см.