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Within High Fences: Level 2 (+ CD)

Within High Fences: Level 2 (+ CD)

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'There was nothing different about that night. It was the same as every other night, I thought. But that night, my life started to change. I didn't know it then, but I know it now.
It's the night when Nancy meets George. But it isn't easy for them to be together. There's Nancy's job and her boyfriend. And will George have to return to his own country?
Cambridge English Readers is an exciting series of original fiction, specially written for learners of English. Graded into seven levels -from starter to advanced - the stories in this series provide easy and enjoyable reading on a wide range of contemporary topics and themes.
Прилагаемый к изданию диск (CD) упакован в специальный бумажный конверт и вложен внутрь книги.