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BPMN Modeling and Reference Guide

BPMN Modeling and Reference Guide

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BPMN Modeling and Reference GuideUnderstanding and Using BPMN Develop rigorous yet understandable graphical representations of business processes Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) is a standard, graphical modeling representation for business procsses. It provides an easy to use, flow-charting notation that is independent of the implementation environment. An underlying rigor supports the notation - facilitating the translation of business level models into executable models that BPM Suites and wokflow engines can understand. Over recent years, BPMN has been widely adopted by Business Process Management (BPM) related products - both the Business Process Analysis and Modeling tool vendors and the BPM Suites. This book is for both business users an process modeling practitioners alike. Part I provides an easily understood introduction to the key components of BPMN (put forward in a user-friendly fashion). Starting off with simple models, it progresses into more sophisticated patterns. Exercises hel cement comprehension and understanding (with answers available online). Part II provides a detailed and authoritative reference on the precise semantics and capabilities of the standard.