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Goo Goo Dolls. Vol. 2 (CD + DVD)

Goo Goo Dolls. Vol. 2 (CD + DVD)

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Hate This Place

Stop The World

Long Way Down

All Eyes On Me (Live)

Lazy Eye

Iris (Demo)

I'm Awake Now

Torn Apart

No Way Out

Itring Of Lies

We'll Be Here

Without You Here

Only One

Truth Is A Whispef

What A Scene

Million Miles Away (Cover Version)

I Wanna Destroy You (Cover Version)

Wait For The Blackout (Cover Version)

Slave Girl (Cover Version)

Don't Change (Cover Version)

I Don't Want To Know (Cover Version)

American Girl (Live) (Cover Version)

The Videos:
01. There You Are
02. We Are The Normal
03. Only One
04. Flat Top
05. Name
06. Naked
07. Long Way Down
08. Lazy Eye
09. Iris
10. Slide
11. Black Balloon
12. Dizzy
13. Broadway
14. Here Is Gone
15. Sympathy
16. Stay With You
17. Let Love In

Live At Red Rocks:
  • Long Way Down
  • Slide
  • Feel The Silence
  • Before It's Too Late (Sam And Mikaela's Theme)
  • Slave Girl
  • Better Days