English Chamber Music Of The 17th Century

English Chamber Music Of The 17th Century

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Thomas Baltzar
01. A Prelude For The Violin By Senior Balshar, A Germaine
From The Division Violin, London 1684, 1685
02. A Division On John Come Kiss
From The Division Violin

Johann Schop
03. Lachrimae
From t'Uitnement Kabinett, Amsterdam

Nicola Matteis
04. Ground After The Scotch Humour
From Other Ayres And Pieces... The Fourth Part, London 1685

05. A Devision For A Trible Violl To Play With A Virginall
From British Library MS

Nicola Matteis
06. Ground In D, La Sol Re Per Far La Mano
From Other Ayres And Pieces...

William Brade
07. Coral
From Uppsala Duben Collection I Mhs

William Lawes
Suite No. 8 In D
08. Fantazia
09. Almaine "La Goutte"
10. Gaillard
From Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus. Sch. MSS D.229, D.238-240

Christopher Simpson
11. Prelude
12. Divisons On A Ground
From The Division Viol, London 1665

John Jenkins
13. Fantasy In D Minor
From Durham Cathedral MS

William Byrd
14. Jhon Come Kisse
From Fitzwilliam Virginall Book

Nicola Matteis
15. Passagio A Solo
16. Allegro Prestissimo
17. Ground: Adagio Piu Presto
18. Aria Amoroso
From Other Ayres And Pieces...

Michel Farinel
19. Faronell's Ground
From The Division Violin

20. Paul's Steeple
From The Division Violin

Trio Sonnerie
Stephen Stubbs, Theorbo & Baroque Guitar
Andrew Lawrence-King, Harp & Organ (5)
Издание содержит небольшой буклет с дополнительной информацией на английском, немецком и французском языках.