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Trevor Pinnock. Handel. Belshazzar (3 CD)

Trevor Pinnock. Handel. Belshazzar (3 CD)

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Belshazzar - Anthony Rolfe Johnson
Nitocris - Arleen Auger
Cyrus - Catherine Robbin
Daniel - James Bowman
Gobrias - David Wilson-Johnson
Arioch - Nicolas Robertson
Messenger - Richard Wistreich


CD 1

01. Overture (Maestoso - Allegro)

Act 1

Scene 1
02. Accompagnato Ed Arioso: "Vain, Fluctuating State Of Human Empire!" (Nitocris)
03. Air: "Thou, God Most High, And Thou Alone" (Nitocris)
04. Recitativo: "The Fate Of Babylon, I Fear, Is Nigh" (Nitocris, Daniel)
05. Air: "Lament Not Thus, Oh Queen, In Vain!" (Daniel)

Scene 2
06. Chorus: "Behold, By Persia's Hero Made" (Babylonians)
07. Recitativo: "Well May They Laugh" (Cobrias, Cyrus)
Accompagnato: "Oh Memory! Still Bitter To My Soul! (Gobrias)
08. Air: "Opprest With Never-Ceasing Grief" (Cobrias)
09. Air: "Dry Those Unavailing Tears" (Cyrus)
10. Recitativo: "Be Comforted: Safe Though The Tyrant Seem" (Cyrus)
Accompagnato: "Methought, As On The Bank Of Deep Euphrates" (Cyrus)
11. Recitativo: "Now, Tell Me, Gobrias" (Cyrus, Cobrias)
12. Air:"Behold The Monstrous Human Beast" (Gobrias)
13. Recitativo: "Can You Then Think It Strange" (Cyrus)
14. Air: "Great God! Who, Yet But Darkly Known" (Cyrus)
15. Recitativo: "My Friends, Be Confident" (Cyrus)
16. Chorus: "All Empires Upon God Depend"

Scene 3
17. Air: "Oh Sacred Oracles Of Truth!" (Daniel)
18. Accompagnato: "Rejoice, My Countrymen" (Daniel)
Air: "Thus Saith The Lord To Cyrus" (Daniel)
19. Chorus: "Sing, Oh Ye Heav'ns!"

CD 2

Scene 4
01. Air: "Let Festal Joy Triumphant Reign!" (Belshazzar)
02. Recitativo: "For You, My Friends" (Belshazzar, Nitocris)
03. Air: "The Leafy Honours Of The Field" (Nitocris)
04. Recitativo: "It Is The Custom, I May Say, The Law" (Belshazzar, Nitocris)
05. Chorus:"Recall, Oh King! Thy Rash Command" (Jews)
06. Recitativo: "They Tell You True" (Nitocris, Belshazzar)
07. Duet: "Oh Dearer Than My Life, Forebear!" (Nitocris, Belshazzar)
08. Chorus: "By Slow Degrees The Wrath Of God" (Jews)

Act 2

Scene 1
09. Chorus: "See, From His Post Euphrates Flies!"
10. Recitativo: "You See, My Friends, A Path" (Cyrus)
11. Air: "Amaz'd To Find The Foe So Near" (Cyrus)
12. Chorus:"To Arms, To Arms! No More Delay!" (Persians)

Scene 2
13. Chorus: "Ye Tutelar Gods Of Our Empire"
14. Air: "Let The Deep Bowl Thy Praise Confess" (Belshazzar)
15. Accompagnato: "Where Is The God Of Judah's Boasted Pow'r?" (Belshazzar, Chorus)
16. Recitativo: "Call All My Wise Men" (Belshazzar)

CD 3

01. A Sinfony (Allegro Postillions)
02. Recitativo: "Ye Sages! Welcome Always To Your King" (Belshazzar)
"Alas! Too Hard A Task The King Imposes" (Wise Men)
03. Chorus: "Oh Misery! - Oh Terror! - Hopeless Grief!"
04. Recitativo: "Oh King, Live For Ever!" (Nitocris, Belshazzar)
05. Air: "No! To Thyself Thy Trifles Be" (Daniel)
06. Accompagnato:"Yet, To Obey His Dread Command" (Daniel)
07. Recitativo: "Oh Sentence Too Severe!" (Nitocris)
Air: "Regard, Oh Son, My Flowing Tears" (Nitocris)

Scene 3
08. Air: "Oh God Of Truth! Oh Faithful Guide!" (Cyrus)
09. Recitativo: "You, Gobrias, Lead Directly To The Palace" (Cyrus)
10. Chorus: "Oh Glorious Prince!"

Act 3

Scene 1
11. Air: "Alternate Hopes And Fears" (Nitocris)
12. Recitativo: "Fain Would I Hope" (Nitocris, Daniel)
13. Air: "Can The Black Aethiop Change His Skin?" (Daniel)
14. Recitativo: "My Hopes Revive" (Nitocris, Arioch, Messenger)
15. Chorus: "Bel Boweth Down!" (Jews)

Scene 2
16. Air: "I Thank Thee, Sesach" (Belshazzar)
17. A Martial Symphony

Scene 3
18. Air: "To Pow'r Immortal My First Thanks" (Cobrias)
19. Recitativo: "Be It Thy Care, Good Gobrias" (Cyrus)
Air: "Destructive War, Thy Limits Know" (Cyrus)
20. Duet: "Great Victor, At Your Feet I Bow" (Nitocris, Cyrus)
21. Recitativo: "Say, Venerable Prophet" (Cyrus, Daniel)
22. Soli & Chorus: "Tell It Out Among The Heathen"
Julia Gooding, Soprano
Nigel Short, Alto
Nicolas Robertson, Tenor
23. Accompagnato:"Yes, I Will Build Thy City" (Cyrus)
24. Soli & Chorus:"! Will Magnify Thee" (Daniel, Nitocris, Chorus)
Издание содержит буклет с дополнительной информацией на английском, французском и немецком языках.