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Anthony Rooley. Dowland. The Collected Works (12 CD)

Anthony Rooley. Dowland. The Collected Works (12 CD)

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Издание содержит 124-страничный буклет с либретто произведений и дополнительной информацией на английском, немецком и французском языках.


CD 1


01. Unquiet Thoughts
02. Who Ever Thinks Or Hopes Of Love
03. My Thoughts Are Wing'd With Hopes
04. If My Complaints Could Passions Move
05. Can She Excuse My Wrongs
06. Now, О Now, I Needs Must Part
07. Dear, If You Change
08. Burst Forth My Tears
09. Go Crystal Tears
10. Think'st Thou Then By Thy Feigning
11. Come Away, Come Sweet Love
12. Rest Awhile, You Cruel Cares
13. Sleep, Wayward Thoughts
14. All Ye, Whom Love Or Fortune Hath Betray'd
15. Wilt Thou Unkind Thus Reave Me
16. Would My Conceit
17. Come Again: Sweet Love Doth Now Invite
18. His Golden Locks
19. Awake, Sweet Love
20. Come, Heavy Sleep
21. Away With These Self-Loving Lads

CD 2


01. I Saw My Lady Weep
02. Flow My Tears
03. Sorrow, Stay
04. Die Not Before Thy Day
05. Mourn, Mourn, Day Is With Darkness Fled
06. Time's Eldest Son
07. Then Sit Thee Down
08. When Others Sing Venite
09. Praise Blindness Eyes
10. О Sweet Woods
11. If Floods Of Tears
12. Fine Knacks For Ladies
13. Now Cease My Wand'ring Eyes
14. Come Ye Heavy States Of Night
15. White As Lilies Was Her Face
16. Woeful Heart
17. A Shepherd In A Shade
18. Faction That Ever Dwells
19. Shall I Sue
20. Toss Not My Soul
21. Clear Or Cloudy
22. Humour Say What Mak'st Thou Here

CD 3


01. Farewell, Too Fair
02. Time Stands Still
03. Behold A Wonder Here
04. Daphne Was Not So Chaste
05. Mc, Me, And None But Me
06. When Phoebus First Did Daphne Love
07. Say, Love, If Ever Thou Didst Find
08. Flow Not So Fast, Ye Fountains
09. What If 1 Never Speed?
10. Love Stood Amazed
11. Lend Your Ears To My Sorrow
12. By A Fountain Where I Lay
13. What Hath Overwrought
14. Farewell, Unkind
15. Weep You No More, Sad Fountains
16. Fie On This Feigning!
17. I Must Complain
18. It Was A Time When Silly Bees
19. The Lowest Trees Have Tops
20. What Poor Astronomers Are They
21. Come When I Call

CD 4

(Fourth Bookc Of Songs)

01. Disdain Me Still
02. Sweet Stay Awhile
03. To Ask For All Thy Love
04. Love, Those Beams That Breed
05. Shall I Strive With Words To Move?
06. Were Every Thought An Eye
07. Stay, Time, Awhile Thy Flying
08. Tell Me, True Love
09. Go Nightly Cares
10. From Silent Night
11. Lasso Vita Mia
12. In This Trembling Shadow Cast
13. If That A Sinner's Sighs
14. Thou Mighty God
15. When David's Life
16. When The Poor Cripple

CD 5


01. Where Sin Sore Wounding
02. My Heart And Tongue Were Twins
03. Up Merry Mates
04. Welcome Black Night*
05. Cease, Cease These False Sports*

Glenda Simpson, Soprano II*

Of Dowland's Music By Other Musicians

06. Lachrimac Pavan (Giles Farnaby)
07. Can Shee (Can She Excuse) (Anon.; Fitzwilliam Virginal Book)
08. Paduana (La Mia Barbara) (Paul Siefert)
09. The Frogge (John Wilbye)
10. Frog's Galliard (Anon.; Cromwell Virginal Book)
11. Pavana And Galiarda (Thomas Morley)
12. Paduana Lachrymae (Melchior Schildt)
13. Can She Excuse (Anon.; Tisdale Virginal Book)
14. Pavion Solus Cum Sola (Anon.; Drexel MS)
15. Dowland's Almayne (Anon.; Bodleian MS)
16. Piper's Paven And Galliard (Martin Peerson And John Bull)
17. Pavana Lachrymae (William Byrd)

Colin Tilney - Harpsichord

CD 6


01. The Lamentation Of A Sinner
02. Domine Ne In Furore
03. Miserere Mei Deus
04. The Humble Suit Of A Sinner
05. The Humble Complaint Of A Sinner
06. De Profundis
07. Domine Exaudi


08. Lachrimae Antiquae
09. Lachrimae Antiquae Novae
10. Lachrimae Gementes
11. Lachrimae Tristes
12. Lachrimae Coactae
13. Lachrimae Amantis
14. Lachrimae Verae
15. Mr John Langton's Pavan
16. Mr Nicholas Gryffith His Galiard
17. Sir John Souch His Galiard
18. Semper Dowland Semper Dolens
19. Mr Giles Hobies Galiard
20. The King Of Denmark's Galiard
21. Sir Henry Umpton's Funerall
22. Mr Henry Noell His Galiard
23. The Earl Of Essex Galiard
24. Mr Bucton His Galliard
25. Mr George Whitehead His Almand
26. Captainc Digorie Piper His Galiard
27. Mr Thomas Couier His Galiard
28. Mrs Nichols Almand

CD 7


01. Sorrow, Come! (Arr. William Wigthorp)
02. Shame At Mine Unworthiness*
03. An Heart That's Broken And Contrite

Glenda Simpson - Soprano II*


04. Psalm 100: All People That On Earth Do Dwell
05. Psalm 38: Put Me Not To Rebuke О Lord
06. Psalm 130: Lord To Thee I Make My Moan
07. Psalm 104: My Soul Praise The Lord
08. Psalm 100: All People That On Earth Do Dwell
09. Psalm 134: Behold And Have Regard

10. A Prayer For The Queen's Most Excellent Majesty

11. (Mainly Anon, Arrangements)

12. Solus Cum Sola Pavan
13. Lachrimae
14. Galliard
15. Pipers Pavan
16. Lachrimae
17. Lady Rich Galliard
18. Earl Of Essex Galliard
19. If My Complaints
20. Lachrimae Doolande
21. Lord Willoughbie's Welcome Home (Dowland)
22. My Lord Chambcrlaine His Galliard (Dowland)
23. Comagain (Come Again Sweet Love) (Arr. J. Van Eyck) Pavan Lachrymae (Arr. J. Van Eyck)
24. Sorrow Stay

CD 8


01. Preludium (Margaret Board Lute Book) (P98)
02. Lachrimae (Version By John Sturt)
03. Can She Excuse (Galliard) (P42)
04. Dr Case's Pavan (P12)
05. Melancholy Galliard (P25)
06. Sir John Smith, His Almain (P47)
07. Fantasia (Dowland) (Jane Pickering MS) (P71)
08. A Dream (Pavan) (Dowland) (P75)
09. Almain (Margaret Board Lute Book) (P96)
10. The Queen's Galliard (Margaret Board Lute Book) (P97)
11. Coranto (Margaret Board Lute Book) (P100)
12. Resolution (Pavan) (P13)
13. Mrs Vau.X Galliard (P32)
14. Almain (P49)
15. Mr Dowland's Midnight (Margaret Board Lute Book) (P99)
16. Fantasia (P1)
17. Loth To Depart (Ballad Setting) (P69)

Anthony Bailes – Lute

18. The Most Sacred Queen Elizabeth, Her Galliard (P4l)
19. The Earl Of Essex, His Galliard (P42a)
20. Pavan (P18)
21. John Dowland's Galliard (P21)
22. Aloe (Ballad Setting) (P68)
23. The Lady Clifton's Spirit (Galliard) (P45)
24. What If A Day (Ballad Setting) (Pdowland) (P79)
25. Mr Giles Hobie's Galliard (P29)
26. Come Away (Song Arrangement) (P60)
27. Galliard (P27)
28. Fancy (Fantasia) (P6)

Jakob Lindberg - Lute

CD 9


01. Lachrimae (Basic Version) (Pavan) (P15)
02. Galliard To Lachrimae (P46)
03. (Jig) (Dowland) (Euing Lute MS) (P78)
04. Galliard On “Walsingham” (P31)
05. Complaint (Ballad Setting) (P63)
06. Mignarda (Galliard) (P35)
07. Semper Dowland Semper Dolens (Pavan) (P9)
08. The Frog Galliard (P23a)
09. A Fancy (Fantasia) (dowland) (Euing Lute MS) (P72)

Jakob Lindberg – Lute

10. Fancy (Fantasia) (P5)
11. Piper's Pavan (P8)
12. Captain Digorie Piper's Galliard (P19)
13. Lady Laiton's Almain (P48a)
14. Dowland's Galliard (P20)
15. Dowland's First Galliard (P22)
16. Tarleton's Jig (Dowland) (P81)
17. Walsingham (Ballad Setting) (P67)
18. Lord Willoughbie's Welcome Home (Ballad Setting) (P66a)
19. Sir Henry Guilforde, His Almain
20. Pavan (Related To “Lachrimae”) (P16)
21. Mr Langton's Galliard (P33)
22. Mrs Clifton's Almain (P53)
23. Galliard (Dowland) (Euing Lute MS) (P76)
24. Lady Hunsdon's Purte (Almain) (P54)
25. Galliard (P24)
26. Go From My Window (Ballad Setting) (P64)
27. Fancy (Fantasia) (Dowland) (P73)

Nigel North - Lute

CD 10


01. Pavana Johan Douland (dowland) (Scheie Lute MS) (P94)

Nigel North - Lute
02. Mrs Brigide Fleetwood's Pavan (Solus Sine Sola) (P11)
03. La Mia Barbara (Dowland) (Scheie Lute MS) (P95)
04. Sir Henry Umpton's Funeral (Pavan)
05. Lachrimae (Version By Francis Cozens)
06. Farewell Fancy (Chromatic Fantasia) (P3)
07. Farewell (On The 'In Nomine' Theme) (Fantasia) (P4)
08. The King Of Denmark's Galliard (P40)
09. Mrs Vaux's Jig (P57)
10. Mrs Nichol's Almain (P52)
11. Galliard (P30)
12. Lord Strang's March (P65)
13. Mrs Winter's Jump (Coranto) (P55)
14. Can She Excuse (Galliard) (Version By Cozens) (P89)
15. The Shoemaker's Wife, A Toy (Ballad Setting) (P58)
16. Mrs Norrish's Delight (Dowland) (Archbishop Marsh's MS) (P77)
17. Galliard (P35)
18. Mrs White's Thing (Almain) (P50)
19. Mrs White's Nothing (P56)
20. The Frog Galliard (Anon, Version) (P90)

Anthony Rooley – Lute

21. Solus Cum Sola (Pavan) (P10)
22. The Lord Viscount Lisle, His Galliard (P38)
23. Orlando Slecpeth (Ballad Setting) (P61)
24. Robin (Ballad Setting) (P70)
25. Galliard (On A Galliard By Daniel Bacheler) (P28)
26. Forlorn Hope Fancy (Chromatic Fantasia) (P2)

Christopher Wilson – Lute

CD 11


01. The Lady Russell's Pavan (P17)
02. Fancy (Fantasia) (P7)
03. Sir John Langton's Pavan (P14a)
04. Earl Of Derby, His Galliard (P44a)
05. A Coy Toy (Dowland) (Mynshall Lute Book) (P80)
06. Fortune My Foe (Ballad Setting) (P62)
07. (Almain) (P51)
08. Mr Knight's Galliard (P36)
09. Sir John Souch His Galliard (P26)
10. Tarletone's Riserrectione (P59)
11. The Lady Rich, Her Galliard (P43a)

Christopher Wilson – Lute

(The Numbering (P) Is That Adopted By Diana Poulton In The Collected Lute Music Of John Dowland, 1974)

CONSORT MUSIC (Arrangements In Various Sources)

From Thomas Morley: First Booke Of Consort Lessons (1599)
12. Lachrimae Pavan
13. Can She Excuse Galliard
14. Captain Piper's Pavan And Galliard
15. The Frog Galliard

From Cambridge Manuscript Part Books (R.1600)
16. Round Battell Galliard
17. Fortune My Foe
18. Dowland's First Galliard
19. Karherine Darcie's Galliard
20. Tarleton's Jigge

From British Library B.M. Add.10444 (C.1610)
21. Almain A 2
22. Mistress Nichols Alman A 2

From Fullsack And Hildebrandt: Auserlesener Paduanen Und Galliarden (1607)
23. Susanna Fair (Galliard)

From Haussmann: Rest Von Polnischen Und Andern Tanzen (1603)
24. Mistress Nichols Alman A 5

From Thomas Simpson: Opuscutum (1610)
25. Mr John Lajngton Pavan And Galliard
26. La Mia Barbara Pavan And Galliard
27. Lachrimae Antiquae Novae Pavan And Galliard

CD 12

CONSORT MUSIC (Arrangements, Cont.)

From Thomas Simpson: Taffel-Consort (1621)
01. Mistress Nichols Alman
02. Volta A 4 (“Loh. Douland”)
03. Were Every Thought An Eye
04. Lady If You So Spite Me
05. Pavan A 4

Works Collected By Robert Dowland (C.1591-1641)
(Transcr. By Peter Stroud)

06. My Heavy Sprite (Anthony Holborne)
07. Change Thy Mind Since She Doth Change (Richard Martin)
08. О Eyes, Leave Off Your Weeping (Robert Hales)
09. Go, My Flock, Go Get You Hence (Anon.)
10. О Dear Life, When Shall It Be? (Anon.)
11. To Plead My Faith (Daniel Bacheler)
12. In A Grove Most Rich Of Shade (Guillaume Tessier)
13. Far From Triumphing Court (John Dowland)
14. Lady, If You So Spite Me (Form Dowland)
15. In Darkness Let Me Dwell (John Dowland)
16. Si Le Parler Et Le Silence (Pierre Guedron)
17. Ce Penser Qui Sans Fin Tirannise Ma Vie (Pierre Guedron)
18. Vous Que Le Bonheur Rappelle (Pierre Guedron)
19. Passava Amor Su Arco Desarmado (Anon. Spanish)
20. Sta Notte Mi Sognava (Anon. Italian)
21. Vuestros Ojos Tienen d'Amor (Anon. Spanish)
22. Se Di Farmi Morire (Domenico Maria Megli)
23. Dovro Dunque Morire? (Giulio Caccini)
24. Amarilli Mia Bella (Giulio Caccini)
25. О Bella Piu (Anon. Italian)
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