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If You're Reading this, It's too Late: Book 2

If You're Reading this, It's too Late: Book 2

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The adventures of aspiring magician Max-Ernest and survivalist-in-training Cass continue. As with The Name of This Book Is Secret (2007), the author often intrudes on the story to offer dire warnings to the reader that even reading this tale is too dangerous to consider, presumably because of a world-shatteringly nefarious secret and the evil machinations of the two young adventurers' archnemeses, Dr. L and Ms. Mauvais. It's a clever ploy that adds a level of heightened drama to the tale, which, underneath all the trappings, has some neat elements (a "Sound Prism," a cantankerous homunculus) but lacks many true thrills. There are still codes for Max-Ernest and Cass to unravel and secret societies to infiltrate, but the injection of a third main cast member reeks of the old sitcom ploy of throwing in a hip new character in an attempt to make a show fresh. Chapter-opening illustrations add a lighthearted touch to this solid sequel, which is more character-driven than the first, and will hit or miss depending on what readers like more, the people or the puzzles.

Формат: 13 см x 19 см.