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Barack & Michelle

Barack & Michelle

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The exploded onto the national political scene in 2004 and within four years captured the ultimate prize. In so doing, they became a First Couple like no other: he the biracial son of а (тес spirited Midwesterner and her brilliant but troubled Kenyan husband, raised in Hawaii and Indonesia: site brought up on Chicago's hardscrabble South Side by working class African American parents who sacrificed so she could achieve her dreams of an Ivy league education and a job at one of America's top law firms.
By the time they claimed the White House in one of the most both contested presidential races in modern history, Barack and Michelle Obama were seen by millions around the world as the new lack and Jackie Kenned) brilliant, attractive, elegant, youthful and exciting.
Given the historic significance of what they accomplished together, the marriage of Barack and Michelle stands as one of the great personal and political partnerships. Seemingly overnight, they managed to obliterate barriers that had stood for centuries and to accomplish this phenomenal teat with humour.
grace and dignity. By the time he was sworn in using Abraham Lincoln's Bible, Barack and Michelle Obama were indisputably the First Couple not only of America but of the world. Yet, incredibly. the true nature of that relationship has remained a mystery, Until now.