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Joe Tex. First On The Dial

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The Only Girl (I've Ever Loved)

Hand Shakin', Love Makin', Girl Talkin', Son Of A Gun From Next Door

Popeye Johnny

Meet Me In The Church

Be Your Own Judge

I Let Her Get Away

The Peck

Someone To Take Your Place

I Should Have Kissed Her More

I Wanna Be Free

Blood's Thicker Than Water

What Should I Do

One Giant Step

The Rib

Say Thank You

Looking For My Pig

Old Time Lover

I'd Rather Have You

I Had A Good Home, But I Left, Pt. 1

I Had A Good Home, But I Left, Pt. 2

Build Your Love On A Solid Foundation

I'll Make Everyday Christmas (For My Woman)

Don't Give Up

Tell Me Right Now

There Is A Girl