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Languages in Contact: The Partial Restructuring of Vernaculars

Languages in Contact: The Partial Restructuring of Vernaculars

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There is widespread agreement that certain non-creole vernaculars are structurally quite different from the languages out of which they grew: African American English, Afrikaans, Brazilian Vernacular Portuguese, Nonstandard Caribbean Spanish, and the Vernacular Dialects of Reunion French. Until recently, however, these languages have proved remarkably resistant to the attempts of linguists to provide a plausible theory to account for either their genesis or their synchronic structure. Informed by the first systematic comparison of the social and linguistic facts in the development of these languages, this book argues that the transmission of their source languages from native to non-native speakers led to partial restructuring, resulting in the retention of a substantial amount of the source languages' morpho-syntax, but also the introduction of a significant number of substrate and interlanguage features. This study concludes with the proposal of a formal theoretical model identifying the linguistic processes that lead to partial restructuring, throwing into focus a key span on the continuum of contact-induced language change which has not been coherently analyzed up to now. It demonstrates how the insights gained from the comparative study of such vernaculars cast much-needed light on the relationship between the diachronic development and synchronic structure of this important group of languages, with some 200 million speakers.