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Preston Bailey's Design for Entertaining

Preston Bailey's Design for Entertaining

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"A party planner to the stars offers guidance to the earthbound on creating the perfect celebration, from designing the ideal lighting to choosing the best floral arrangements. Lavishly photographed by Roger Dong and Alex Kirkbride, this book gives readers glimpses into Matt Lauer's red-themed wedding reception and the sumptuous anniversary party for Oprah's magazine, O-content that's fun for brides-to-be and celebrity voyeurs alike. While it's unlikely that many of Bailey's readers will have the resources to plant atmospheric rows of 20-foot birch trees (as Joan Rivers did for the wedding of her daughter, Melissa), there are simpler, more down-to-earth tips to be found in this book: the pictures may feature the stupendously lavish, but the text offers tips for somewhat smaller budgets. Both reassuring and inspiring, Bailey details ways to maximize party space, outlines the divergent effects of candlelight and electric light, gives useful suggestions for designing an event to please both adult and teenage guests and provides pointers on selecting appropriate chairs, tablecloths and silverware. "Look at each decision as an opportunity to do things in your own way", Bailey urges. His helpful guide will help party planners do just that. 150 color photographs".

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