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Purcell Edition 1. Dido And Aeneas/King Arthur/The Fairy Queen (4 CD)

Purcell Edition 1. Dido And Aeneas/King Arthur/The Fairy Queen (4 CD)

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CD 1:

Dido And Aeneas
Act I
01. Overture
02. Shake The Cloud From Off Your Brow (Belinda, Chorus)
03. Ah Belinda, I Am Prest With Torment Not To Be Confest (Dido)
04. Grief Increases By Concealing ... When Monarchs Unite (Belinda, Dido Chorus)
05. Whence Could So Much Virtue Spring? (Dido, Belinda)
06. Fear No Danger To Ensue (Belinda, Second Woman, Chorus)
07. See, Your Royal Guest Appears... Cupid Only Throws The Dart (Belinda, Aeneas, Dido, Chorus)
08. If Not For Mine, For Empire's Sake ... Pursue Thy Conquest (Aeneas, Belinda, Chorus)
09. The Triumphing Dance
Act II
10. Prelude For The Witches o Wayward Sisters (Sorceress, Chorus Of Witches)
11. The Queen Of Carthage ... Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho! (Sorceress, Chorus Of Witches)
12. But Ere We This Perform, We'll Conjure Up A Storm (First & Second Witches)
13. In Our Deep Vaulted Cell. Echo Dance Of Furies (Chorus)
14. Ritornelle. Thanks To These Lonesome Vales (Belinda, Chorus)
15. Oft She Visits This Lov'd Mountain (Second Woman)
16. Behold, Upon My Bending Spear... Haste, Haste To Town (Aeneas, Dido, Belinda, Chorus)
17. Stay, Prince, And Hear Great Love's Command (Spirit, Aeneas)
18. Then Since Our Charms Have Sped. The Groves' Dance (Chorus)
Act III Prelude
19. Come Away, Fellow Sailors. The Sailors' Dance (Sailor, Chorus)
20. See, See The Flags And Streamers (Sorceress, First & Second Witches)
21. Destruction's Our Delight, Delight Our Greatest Sorrow (Chorus)
22. The Witches'dance
23. Your Counsel All Is Urg'd In Vain (Dido, Belinda, Aeneas)
24. Great Minds Against Themselves Conspire ... Thy Hand, Belinda (Chorus, Dido)
25. When I Am Laid In Earth (Dido)
26. With Drooping Wings (Chorus)
King Arthur
27. Overture
28. Air
Act I
29. Woden, First To Thee A Milk-White Steed (Salomaa, Chorus)
30. The White Horse Neigh'd ... To Woden, Our Defender (Salomaa, Padmore, Chorus)
31. The Lot Is Cast, And Tanfan Pleas'd (Gens)
32. Brave Souls, To Be Renown'd In Story (Chorus)
33. I Call You All To Woden's Hall (Padmore, Chorus)
34. "Come If You Dare", Our Trumpets Sound. First Act Tune (Paton, Chorus)

CD 2:

King Arthur
Act II
01. Hither, This Way (Mcfadden, Chorus')
02. Let Not A Moonborn Elf Mislead Ye Best. Hither, This Way (Chorus)
03. Come, Follow Me (Mcfadden, Chorus)
04. How Blest Are Shepherds, How Happy Their Lasses (Paton, Chorus)
05. Shepherd, Shepherd, Leave Decoying (Piau, Gens)
06. Come, Shepherds, Lead Up A Lively Measure. Hornpipe (Chorus)
07. Second Act Tune: Air
08. Prelude
09. What Ho! Thou Genius Of This Isle, What Ho! (Waters)
10. Prelude While Cold Genius Rises. What Power Art Thou (Salomaa)
11. Thou Doting Fool, Forbear, Forbear! (Waters)
12. Great Love, I Know Thee Now (Salomaa)
13. No Part Of My Dominion Shall Be Waste (Waters)
14. Prelude
15. See, See, We Assemble Thy Revels To Hold. Dance (Chorus)
16. 'Tis I, 'Tis I That Have Warm'd Ye... 'Tis Love That Has Warm'd Us (Waters, Chorus)
17. Sound A Parley... 'Tis Love That Has Warm'd Us (Waters, Salomaa, Chorus)
18. Third Act Tune: Hornpipe
Act IV
19. Two Daughters Of This Aged Stream Are We (Piau, McFadden)
20. How Happy The Lover... For Love Ev'ry Creature Is Form'd ... In Vain Are Our Graces (Padmore, Gens, Best, Chorus)
21. Fourth Act Tune: Air
Act V
22. Trumpet Tune
23. Ye Blust'ring Brethren Of The Skies (Salomaa)
24. Symphony
25. Round Thy Coast, Fair Nymph Of Britain (Waters, Bazola, Chorus)
26. For Folded Flocks, And Fruitful Plains (Padmore, Paton, Best)
27. Your Hay It Is Mow'd (Salomaa, Chorus Of Basses)
28. Fairest Isle, All Isles Excelling (Gens)
29. You Say, 'Tis Love Creates The Pain (Piau, Best)
30. Trumpet Tune (Warlike Consort)
31. Saint George The Patron Of Our Isle (McFadden)
32. Our Natives Not Alone Appear To Court The Martial Prize (Chorus)
33. Chaconne

CD 3:

The Fairy Queen
01. Prelude - Hornpipe
02. Air - Rondeau
Act I
03. Overture
04. Come, Let Us Leave The Town (Bonney, Michaels-Moore)
05. Scene Of The Drunken Poet (McNair, Von Magnus, Holl, Chorus)
06. First Act Tune: Jig
Act II
07. Come, All Ye Songsters Of The Sky (Dale)
08. May The God Of Wit Inspire The Sacred Nine (Chance, Dale, Michaels-Moore)
09. Now Join Your Warbling Voices All (Chorus)
10. Sing While We Trip It. Dance Of Fairies (Bonney, Chorus)
11. See, Even Night Herself Is Here ... I Am Come To Lock All Fast...
One Charming Night... Hush, No More (McNair, Von Magnus, Chance, Michaels-Moore, Chorus)
12. Second Act Tune: Air
13. If Love's A Sweet Passion, Why Does It Torment? (Bonney, Chorus)
14. Symphony While The Swans Come Forward
15. Dance For The Fairies
16. Dance For The Green Men
17. Ye Gentle Spirits Of The Air, Appear! (McNair)
18. Dialogue Between Coridon And Mopsa (Holl, Chance) Dance For The Haymakers
19. When I Have Often Heard Young Maids Complaining (Bonney)
20. A Thousand, Thousand Ways We'll Find To Entertain The Hours (Chance, Chorus)
21. Third Act Tune: Hornpipe

CD 4:

The Fairy Queen
Act IV
01. Symphony
02. Now The Night Is Chased Away (McNair, Chorus)
03. Let The Fifes And The Clarions And Shrill Trumpets Sound (Chance, Dale)
04. Entry Of Phoebus. When A Cruel Long Winter Has Frozen The Earth (Dale)
05. Hail! Great Parent Of Us All... Thus The Ever Grateful Spring ... Here's The Summer, Sprightly Gay ... See, See My Many Coloured Fields... Next, Winter Comes Slowly ... Hail! Great Parent Of Us All (Chorus, Bonney, Chance, Dale, Michaels-Moore)
Act V
06. Prelude
Thrice Happy Lovers, May You Be For Ever Free (Von Magnus)
07. The Plaint: О Let Me Ever, Ever Weep (McNair)
08. Entry Dance
Thus The Gloomy World At First Began To Shine ...
Thus Happy And Free ... Yes, Daphne, In Your Face I Find (Chance, Bonney, Chorus)
09. Monkeys' Dance
10. Hark! How All Things With One Sound Rejoice ... Hark! The Echoing Air (Von Magnus, Bonney, Chorus)
11. Sure The Dull God Of Marriage Does Not Hear
See, I Obey ... Turn Then Thine Eyes Upon Those Glories Here ...
My Torch Indeed Will From Such Brightness Shine (Von Magnus, Bonney, Holl, Chorus)
12. Chaconne
13. They Shall Be As Happy As They're Fair (Von Magnus, Bonney, Holl, Chorus)
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