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Purcell Edition 3. Odes, Anthems And Ceremonial Musuc (4 CD)

Purcell Edition 3. Odes, Anthems And Ceremonial Musuc (4 CD)

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CD 1:

Hail, Bright Cecilia, Z328
01. Symphony
02. Hail, Bright Cecilia (All Voices, Chorus)
03. Hark! Hark! Each Tree Its Silence Breaks (Countertenor I, Bass)
04. 'Tis Nature's Voice: Thro' All The Moving Wood Of Creatures Understood (Tenor)
05. Soul Of The World! Inspir'd By Thee The Jarring Seeds Of Matter Did Agree (Chorus)
06. Thou Tun'st This World Below, The Spheres Above (Soprano)
07. With That Sublime Celestial Lay Dare Any Earthly Sounds Compare? (Countertenors, Bass)
08. Wondrous Machine! To Thee The Warbling Lute, Though Us'd To Conquest (Bass)
09. The Airy Violin And Lofty Viol Quit The Field (Countertenor II)
10. In Vain The Am'rous Flute And Soft Guitar Jointly Labour To Inspire (Countertenor I, Tenor)
11. The Fife And All The Harmony Of War In Vain Attempt The Passions To Alarm (Countertenor II)
12. Let These Among Themselves Contest Which Can Discharge Its Single Duty Best (Baritone, Bass)
13. Hail, Bright Cecilia (Countertenors, Tenor, Bass, Chorus)

Come, Ye Sons Of Art, Away, Z323
14. Ouverture
15. Come, Ye Sons Of Art, Away (Countertenor, Chorus)
16. Sound The Trumpet Till Around You Make The Listening Shores Rebound (Countertenors)
17. Come, Come, Ye Sons Of Art, Come, Come Away (Chorus)
18. Strike The Viol, Touch The Lute (Countertenor & Flutes)
19. The Day That Such A Blessing Gave No Common Festival Should (Be Bass, Chorus)
20. Bid The Virtues, Bid The Graces To The Sacred Shrine Repair (Soprano & Oboe)
21. These Are The Sacred Charms That Shield Her Daring Hero In The Field (Bass)
22. See Nature, Rejoicing Has Shown Us The Way (Soprano & Bass, Chorus)

CD 2:

01. Welcome, Viceregent Of The Mighty King, Z340
02. О Dive Custos Auriacae Domus, Z504
03. Raise, Raise The Voice, Z334
04. Incassum, Lesbia, Rogas (The Queen's Epicedium), Z383
05. Young Thyrsis' Fate, Ye Hills And Groves, Deplore, Z473
06. Why, Why Are All The Muses Mute?, Z343

CD 3:

01. Rejoice In The Lord Alway, Z49
02. Blow Up The Trumpet In Sion, Z10
03. О God, Thou Art My God, Z35
04. My Heart Is Inditing, Z30
05. Remember Not, Lord, Our Offences, Z50
06. I Was Glad When They Said Unto Me, Z19
07. О Lord, Rebuke Me Not, Z40
08. Praise The Lord, О My Soul, And All That Is Within Me, Z47
09. Now That The Sun Hath Veiled His Light (An Evening Hymn On A Ground), Z193

CD 4:

01. Jehova.Quam Multisunt Hostesmei!, Z135
02. My Beloved Spake, Z28
03. О God, Thou Hast Cast Us Out And Scatter'd Us Abroad, Z36
04. Hear My Prayer, О Lord, And Let My Crying Come To Thee, Z15

Music For The Funeral Of Queen Mary
05. March
06. Man That Is Born Of A Woman Hath But A Short Time To Live (First Sentence)
07. Canzona
08. In The Midst Of Life We Are In Death (Second Sentence)
09. Canzona
10. Thou Knowest, Lord, The Secrets Of Our Hearts (Third Sentence)
11. March
12. In Guilty Night, Z134
13. Close Thine Eyes And Sleep Secure, Z184
14. Lord, What Is Man, Lost Man, That Thou Shouldst Be So Mindful Of Him, Z192
15. Tell Me Some Pitying Angel, Quickly Say (The Blessed Virgin's Expostulation), Z196
Диски упакованы в картонные конверты и вложены в коробку.

Издание содержит 34-страничный буклет с дополнительной информацией на английском, французском и немецком языках.