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Языки: Английский

ISBN 1456863347; 2011 г.

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258 стр.
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In the beginning, I started off writing my diary, which leads me into writing poetry, then lyrics. My older brother believed in me and also influenced my talent back in 1985. He later died, but left a large impact, when it came to me. Throughout my younger life, I had to decide between love or family, which I explain in this book. In chapter three, I describe in graphic detail, of how I was abused throughout my relationships. The next chapter, I go into one of the worse times of a writera??s life, when trusting the wrong person with your work..., then basically watching someone soliciting your artist name, and then profit off of it. When this happened to me, it threw me into a 5 year depress-ion. Then because my sister became my true fan, I found enough hope inside, to fight back on-line and not give up.
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