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True To Yourself

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Языки: Английский

ISBN 9781576753781; 2011 г.

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How do you lead an organisation when you view business more broadly than a single financial "bottom line"?

What do you do when you believe that business should serve the common good, yet everyday small-business pressures are at a fever pitch?

What do you do when your family needs you most just as your business faces another crisis?

In True to Yourself, scholar and entrepreneur Mark Albion offers answers to these and other pressing questions. Albion argues that small-business leaders concerned with more than the bottom-line are not only more fulfilled, but also more successful with more sustainable lives. True to Yourself addresses this paradox with practical examples of how small-business leaders who have found ways to combine profit with purpose, margin with mission, value with values. Albion profiles a host of business leaders on the edge who have replaced the invisible hand of competition with the visible hand of compassion.