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Dmitri Shostakovich. Music for organ. Maria Makarova, organ

Код товара: 79211

The Future Promenade (a) from the cantata `The Song of the Forests`

Waltz of the Flowers in f major (b) from the operetta `Moscow Cheryomushki`, Op.105

Tahiti Trot, Op.16

I. Waltz-Scherzo in E flat major (a)

II. Intermezzo in C major (b)

I. Overture in A flat minor (a)

II. Barrel Organ Waltz in B flat major (b)

III. Conterdanse in A minor (a)

IV. Romance in D flat major (a)

V. People's Holiday in A major (b)

I. Polka in C major (b)

II. Waltz in g minor (b)

I. Russian Lubock in B flat major (b)

II. Waltz in F major (a)

III. Polka in C major (b)

IV. Adagio in D major (a)

V. Polka pizzicato in A minor (b)

VI. Romance in F major (a)

VII. Galop in A major (b)

Passacaglia in D minor (a) from the opera `Lady Machbeth of the Mtsensk District`, Op.29