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Claudio Abbado, Berliner Philharmoniker. Prokofiev. Romeo And Juliet

Код товара: 2933532

The Montagues And The Capulets (Op. 64b/1)

Romeo At The Fountain (Op. 101/1, Fig. 2)

The Street Awakens (Op. 64/3)

Morning Dance (Op. 101/2)

The Quarrel (Op. 64/5)

The Fight (Op. 64/6)

Dance With Mandolins (Op. 64/25)

The Nurse (Op. 64/26)

Juliet The Young Girl (Op. 64b/2)

Dance Of The Five Couples (Op. 64/24)

Interlude (Op. 64/8)

Masks (Op. 64/12)

Romeo And Juliet (Op. 64a/6)

Tybalt's Death (Op. 64a/7)

Romeo And Juliet Before Parting (Op. 64b/5)

Morning Serenade (Op. 64/48)

Dance Of The Young Girls With The Lilies (Op. 64/49)

At Juliet's Bedside (Op. 64/50, Fig. 345)

Juliet's Funeral (Op. 64/51)

Death Of Juliet (Op. 64/52)