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Steppenwolf. Gold (2 CD)

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Код товара: 1120260

Steppenwolf. Gold. CD 1

Born To Be Wild

Sookie Sookie

Everybody's Next One

Your Wall's Too High

Desperation в The Pusher / The Ostrich

Take What You Need

Magic Carpet Ride

Don't Step On The Grass, Sam и Tighten Up Your Wig

It's Never Too Late

Jupiter's Child

Rock Me

Monster / Suicide / America

Steppenwolf. Gold. CD 2

Move Over

Power Play

Hey Lawdy Mama

Snowblind Friend

Who Needs Ya


Foggy Mental Breakdown

Hippo Stomp

Screaming Night Hog

For Ladies Only


Ride With Me

I'm Movln' On - John Kay Solo

My Sportln' Life - John Kay Solo

Drift Away - John Kay Solo

Straight Shooting Woman