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Петр Ильич Чайковский. Орлеанская дева (2 CD)

Код товара: 2415809

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. The Maid Of Orleans


Let Us All Gather Here (Chorus)

I Do Not Enjoy Your Songs And Games (Thibaut, Raymond, Joan)

Answer, Joan, Will You Obey My Wishes? (Thibaut, Joan, Raymond)

A Distant Fire... (Raymond, Thibaut, Chorus, Bertrand)

Brothers And Friends, Dry Your Tears! (Joan, Chorus, Soldier, Thibaut)

Almighty God (Joan, Raymond, Bertrand, Chorus)

Yes, The Time Has Come! (Joan)

Farewell Hills, Dear Fields (Joan)

But Will I Have The Strength (Joan, Chorus)


Days And Years Hurry By (Minstrel)

Oh! Agnes! (King)


I Am Well Pleased! (King, Dunois, Agnes)

I Beg Of You, Hurry Now (Dunois, King)

Grief! Grief! (Lore, King, Dunois)

A Terrible Fate Is Upon Us...(King, Agnes)

If You Have Not Been Given The Strength (Agnes)

If It Were Not For You, My Angel (King, Agnes)

Glory, Glory To Our Rescuer, Our Maiden! (Chorus, Agnes, Dunois, King, Cardinal)

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. The Maid Of Orleans

So You Are A Saint? (Dunois, Joan, King, Cardinal)

Holy Father, My Name Is Joan (Joan)

I Must Be Silent Before (Cardinal, King, Agnes, Chorus, Joan)

Halt, Halt, You Are Dead! (Joan, Lionel)

Why Do You Hesitate? (Lionel, Joan)

I Feel Sorry For Your Beauty (Lionel, Joan)

I Surrender To You! (Lionel, Dunois, Joan)

Glory To The King! (Chorus)

Let Us Return, Dear Thibaut (Raymond, Thibaut)

Glory To The Almighty (Chorus)

Glory, Glory To The King! (Chorus, King)

Oh God! My Father! (Joan, Chorus, Thibaut, King)

She Bends Her Head... (All)

Why Are You Afraid? (All)

Joan, Take Advantage Of This Moment (Lionel, Joan)


How Can I Resist This Love? (Joan)

Oh Wonderful, Sweet Dream! (Lionel, Joan)

You Have Disobeyed The Will Of Heaven (Chorus, Lionel, Joan)

Look, They Are Bringing Her (Chorus)

Holy Father! Help Me, I Am Afraid! (Joan, Chorus)