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Marvin Gaye. Midnight Love. Deluxe Edition (2 CD)

Код товара: 3439218

Marvin Gaye. Midnight Love

Midnight Lady

Sexual Healing

Rockin' After Midnight

'Til Tomorrow

Turn On Some Music

Third World Girl


My Love Is Waiting

Marvin Gaye. Midnight Love. The Sexual Healing Sessions

Clique Games / Rick James (Original Version Of "Midnight Lady")

Sexual Healing (Alternate 12-inch Instrumental)

Sexual Healing (Original Vocal Version)

Sexual Healing (Alternate Vocal / Mix)

I Bet You Wonder (Original Version Of "Rockin' After Midnight")

Rockin' After Midnight (Instrumental)

Baby, Baby, Baby (Original Vocal Version Of "Til Tomorrow")

I've Got My Music (Original Vocal Version Of "Turn On Some Music")

Turn On Some Music (Alternate Vocal / Mix)

Third World Girl (Original Reggae Version)

Third World Girl (Alternate Vocal / Mix)

My Love Is Waiting (Alternate Vocal / Mix)

Marvin's Message To The CBS Records Staff

Sexual Healing (Rehearsal Tape Courtesy Of David Ritz)