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Ballroom Dancehall (10 СD)

Ballroom Dancehall (10 СD)

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Ballroom Dancehall. Glenn Miller

Little Brown Jug (Arr. В. Finnegan)

Sunrise Serenade (Lawrence - Carle)

The Jumpin' Jive (Calloway - Palmer)

Moonlight Serenade (G. Miller - M. Parish)

Hallelujah! (Youmans- Robin - Grey)

In The Mood (A.Razaf - J. Garland)

Farewell Blues (Schoebel- Mares - Rappolo)

Johnson Rag (H.Kleinauf - G.Hall)

My Melancholy Baby (GA Norton - E. Burnett)

Tuxedo Junction (W. Johnson - J. Dash - E. Hawkins)

Pennsylvania 6-500 (C. Sigman - J. Gray)

Anvil Chorus (G.Verdi)

Under A Blanket Of Blue (Мiller - Parish)

Song Of The Volga Boatmen (Arr. В. Rnnegan)

Sun Valley Jumpu (J. Gray)

Perfidia (M. Leeds - A.Dominguez)

Chattanooga Choo Choo (М. Gordon - Н. Warren)

A String Of Pearls (J. Gray)

American Patrol (F. Wmeacham)

Serenade In Blue (Warren - Gordon)

I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo (М. Gordon - Н. Warren)

Ballroom Dancehall. Cab Calloway

The Mermaid Song (Keller)

Who Calls? (Hill - Marks)

Nain Nain (No No) (Ram-Calloway)

Tappin' Off (Harding)

A Smo-O-O-Oth One (Goodman)

The Moment I Laid Eyes On You (Koehler - Arlen)

Virginia, Georgia And Caroline (Uttie - Shay - Calloway)

Lordy (Hammerstein II - Romberg)

I Want To Rock (Clinton - Harding)

I'll Be Around (Wider)

Tain't No Good (Jacobs - Wood)

Minnie The Moocher (Gaskni - Calloway - Mills)

Let's Go Joe (Calloway - Smith - Palmer)

Ogeechee River Lullaby (Calloway - Wood - Palmer)

I Get The Neck Of The Chicken (Loesser - Mc Hugh)

Honey Dripper (J. Uggins)

Hey Now - Hey Now (Ehni - Ccalloway)

Hi De Ho Man (C. Calloway - J. Palmer - B. Harding)

Ballroom Dancehall. Lionel Hampton

Flying Ноme No. 1 (L Hampton - B. Goodman - S. Robbin)

In The Bag (R. Crowder-L Hampton)

Hamp's Boogie Woogie No. 1 (L. Hampton - М. Buckner)

Flying Home No. 2 (Goodman - Hampton)

Loose Wig (F. Davenport - L. Hampton)

Vibe Boogie (Hampton)

Screamin' Boogie (Hampton)

Doublin'With Dublin (Hampton)

Ribs And Hot Sauce (Hampton)

Blow Top Blues (Feather)

Two Finger Boogie (Hampton)

Beulah's Boogie (Hampton)

Playboy (Hampton - Mockel)

Punch And Judy (Hampton - Morris)

Pinetop's Boogie Woogie (Perkins)

Hey! Ba-Ba-Re-Bop (L. Рampton - Сhamner)

Slide Наmр Slide (L. Hampton)

On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Mchugh - Fields)

Rockln' In Rhythm - Part 1 (Ellington - Carney - Mills)

Rockin' In Rhythm - Part 2 (Ellington - Camey - Muis)

Empty Glass (L. Hampton - B. Kynard)

Hamp's Walking Boogie (L. Hampton)

Ballroom Dancehall. Ray Anthony

All Of Me (S. Simons - G. Marks)

Sleepy Lagoon (E. Coates - J. Lawrence)

Slider (W. &. B. Raeburn - Temple)

Singing In The Rain (Н. Brown - A. Freed)

My Reverie (C. Debussy - L Clinton)

Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart (D. Ellington - H. Nemo - J Redmond)

Deep Purple (P.Derose - M. Parish)

Moonlight Saving Time (I. Kahl - H. Richman)

Stella By Starlight (V. Young - N. Washington)

Who's Sorry Now (T. Snyder - B. Kalmar - H. Ruby)

Solitude (D. Ellington - E. Delange)

My Blue Heaven (W. Donaldson - G. Whiting)

(Here Am I) Broken Hearted (R. Henderson - B. Desylva - L Brown)

Sleepy Time Gal (A. Lorenzo - R. Whiting)

Rollin'Home (R. Anthony - G. William)

Stormy Weather (Arien - Koehier)

Randle's Island (R. Anthony - G. Williams)

Dinah (S. Lewis-J. Young - H. Akst)

Ballroom Dancehall. Count Basie

Blee Blop Blues (Basie - Salim)

Jive At Five (Edison - Basie)

There's A Small Hotel (Rodger - Hart)

Hob Nail Boogie (Harding - Basie)

Basie Talks (Wilkins)

Paradiese Squat (Harding - Basie)

Softly, With Feeling (Hefti)

Rock-A-Bye Basie (Collins - Young - Basie)

Perdido (Tizoi)

Down For The Count (Foster)

Sure Thing (Hefti)

Blues Backstage (Foster)

Peace Pipe (Wilkins)

Plymouth Rock (Hefti)

Boogie Woogie (Smith)

Ballroom Dancehall. Ray Noble And His Orchestra

Lazy Little Daisy (Ray Noble)

People Like You (Vocal: Snooky Lanson (Composer Unknown)

What Do You Hear From Your Heart? (Vocal: Lynn, Lee And Lou (Composer Unknown)

"A Lovestory - Intermezzo": Intermezzo (A Love Story) (Heinz Provost - Robert Kenning), 1939

Hi There, Mr. Moon (Vocal: Snooky Unson (Wahl - Stark) 1941)

Wilshire Wooble (Ray Noble)

Georgia On My Mind (Vocal; Snooky Lanson (Hoagy Carmichael - Stuart Gorrell) 1930

Just A Little Bit South Of North Carolina (Vocal: Lynn, Lee And Lou) (Sunny Skylar, Betty Cannon And Arthur Shaftel), 1940

Isn't It Wonderful? (Composers Unknown)

I'm Gonna Haunt Ya (Vocal: Lynn, Lee And Lou (Composer Unknown)

Dinner Music Number One (Based On A Grecian Melody) (Ray Noble), 1941

Fraidy Cat (Vocal: Lynn, Lee And Lou (Composer Unknown) (Unissued By Lang-Worth)

Oakland To Burbank (Ray Nobie)

Everything Happens To Me (Vocal: Don Bonnee (Matt Dennis - Tom Adair), 1941)

Alouette (Vocal: Lynn, Lee And Lou (French Folk Song Arranged By Ray Noble)

You Will Always Be The One I Love (Composer Unknown)

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Vocal: Snooky Lanson And Ensemble (American Spiritual)

"Heltzapoppin'": G'bye No (Vocal: Lynn, Lee And Lou (John Olsen, Harold Johnson, Jay Levison And Ray Evans), 1941

A Little Bit Of Blarney (Ray Noble), 1941

Ballroom Dancehall. Woody Herman

Four Brothers (Geuffre)

Everywhere (Harris)

Keen And Peachy (Bums - S. Rogers)

Early Autumn (Bums - Herman)

Keeper Of The Flame (S. Rogers)

Lemon Drop (G. Wellington)

More Мооn (Rodgers)

Not Really The Blues (Mandel)

Rhapsody In Wood (Burns)

Here Comes The Blues (W. Harris)

Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries (K. Henderson - L. Brown)

Cohn's Alley (Cohn)

Mulligantawny (Pierce)

Why Not? (Hefti)

Would He? (Albam)

Off Shore (Diamond)

Hitting The Bottle (Pierce)

It Happens To Me (Kent - Gallop)

Strange (Fisher - Latouche)

Moten Stomp (Basie - Durham)

Ballroom Dancehall. Frankie Carle And His Orchestra 1946 Broadcasts

Introduction + Cherry (Redman) (August 1946 San Francisco)

Rumors Are Flying (Benjamin - Weiss) (August 1946 San Francisco)

Glow Worm (Lincke - Robinson) (August 1946 San Francisco)

To Each Is Own (Livingston - Evans) (August 1946 San Francisco)

Five Minutes More (Styne - Cahn) (August 1946 San Francisco)

Deep Purple (Derase - Parish) (August 1946 San Francisco)

Blue Skies (Berlin) (August 1946 San Francisco)

Oh! What It Seemed To Be (Carle Benjamin - Weiss) (March 1946 Meadowbrook)

Begin The Beguine (Porter) (March 1946 Meadowbrook)

Rosita (Heanschen) (March 1946 Meadowbrook)

You Stole My Heart (Sosnik) (March 1946 Meadowbrook)

Up At Eight (Jenzen) (March 1946 Meadowbrook)

Zigeuner (Coward) (March 1946 Meadowbrook)

Don't You Remember Me? (Composer Unknown) (March 1946 Meadowbrook)

Surprise Party (Composer Unknown) (March 1946 Meadowbrook)

Easy Pickin's (Composer Unknown) (March 1946 Meadowbrook)

My Blue Heaven (Benin) (March 1946 Meadowbrook)

Carle Boogie (Carle) (Bonus Track)

Penguin At The Waldorf (Carle) (Bonus Track)

Ballroom Dancehall. Artie Shaw

Hindustan (Wallace - Weeks)

Absent-Minded Moon (Burke - Van Heusen)

Carnival (Jordan)

Needlenose (Conniff - Mckimmey)

Two In One Blues (Jordan)

Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child (Trad.)

Accentuate The Positive (Mercer - Arien)

Lady Day (Mundy)

Let's Take The Long Way Home (Mercer - Arlen)

Jumpin' On The Merry-Go-Round (Conniff)

I'll Never Be The Same (Kahn - Malneck - Signorelli)

Can't Help Lovin' That Man (Hammerstein II - Kern)

'S Wonderful (Gershwin - Gershwin)

Bedford Drive (Harding)

The Graf Ton Grapple (Shaw - Harding)

The Sad Sack (Shaw - Harding)

September Song (Anderson - Weill)

Little Jazz (Harding)

But Not For Me (Gershwin - Gershwin)

Tea For Two (Youmans - Caesar)

Summertime (Gershwin - Gershwin)

Easy To Love (Porter)

Time On My Hands (Adamson - Gordon - Youmans)

Tabu (Lecuona)

Ballroom Dancehall. Hal McIntyre And His Orchestra 1942

Commando Serenade (Second Thyme Song) (Hal Mclntyre - Dave Matthews)

One Dozen Roses (Dick Jumens - Waller Donovan - Roger Lewis - Country Washbum)

"The Fleet's In": I Remember You (Victor Shertzinger - Johnny Mercer)

Margie (Con Conrad-Russell Robinson - Benny Davis)

"The Fleet's In": Tangerine (Victor Shertzinger - Johnny Mercer)

Skylark (Hoagy Carmichael - Johnny Mercer)

How Do I Know It's Real? (Don Shapiro, Lester Lee And Terry Seelent)

Somebody Nobody Loves (Seymour Miller)

I'll Keep The Lovenght Burning (Harry Tobias - Kenny And Levey)

Sleepy Lagoon (Eric Coates - Jack Lawrence)

Mandy Is Two (David F. Mcgrath - Johnny Mercer)

I'll Never Forget (Leo M.Cheme)

"The Fleet's In": If You Build A Better Mousetrap (Victor Shertzinger - Lohnny Mercer)

I'll Pray For You (Arthur Altman - Kim Gannon)

Blue Skies (Irving Berlin) Musical: Betsy

Loretta (Fred Wise - Al Frisch- Kathleen Twomey)

We'll Meet Again (Albert R. Parker - Hugh Charles)

Farewell Blues (Elmer Schoebel - Paul Mares - Leon Rappolo)