Stanley Clarke. Original Album Classics (5 CD)

Stanley Clarke. Original Album Classics (5 CD)

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Stanley Clarke. Stanley Clarke

Vulcan Princess

Yesterday Princess

Lopsy Lu


Spanish Phases For Strings & Bass

Life Suite / Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt.3, Pt. 4

Stanley Clarke. Journey To Love

Silly Putty

Journey To Love

Hello Jeff

Song To John, Pt. 1

Song To John, Pt. 2

Concerto For Jazz / Rock Orchestra, Pt. 1-4

Stanley Clarke. School Days

School Days

Quiet Afternoon

The Dancer

Desert Song

Hot Fun

Life Is Just A Game

Stanley Clarke. Modern Man

Opening Statement

He Lives On

More Hot Fun

Slow Dance

Interlude: A Serilous Occasion

Got To Find My Own Place


Interlude: It's What She Didn't Say

Modern Man

Interlude: A Relaxed Occasion

Rock & Roll Jelly

Closing Statement

Stanley Clarke. Clarke / Duke Project

Wild Dog

Louie Louie

Sweet Baby

I Just Want To Love You

Never Judge A Cover By It's Book

Let's Get Started


Touch And Go

Finding My Way
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