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Bobby Darin. Mack The Knife (2 CD)

Bobby Darin. Mack The Knife (2 CD)

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Bobby Darin. That's All

Mack The Knife

Beyond The Sea

Through A Long And Sleepless Night

Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise

She Needs Me

It Ain't Necessarily So

I'll Remember April

That's The Way Love Is

Was There A Call For Me

Some Of These Days

Where Is The One?

That's All

Plain Jane (Bonus Tracks)

While I'm Gone (Bonus Tracks)

Bullmoose (Bonus Tracks)

Dream Lover (Bonus Tracks)

Bobby Darin. Bobby Darin

Splish Splash

Just In Case You Change Your Mind

Pretty Betty

Talk To Me Something

Judy, Don't Be Moody

(Since You're Gone) I Can't Go On

I Found A Million Dollar Baby

Wear My Ring

So Mean

Don't Call My Name

Brand New House

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Early In The Morning (Bonus Track)

Now We're One (Bonus Track)

Queen Of The Hop (Bonus Track)

Lost Love (Bonus Track)

Mighty, Mighty Man (Bonus Track)
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