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Cliff Richard. The Young Ones. Soundtrack

Cliff Richard. The Young Ones. Soundtrack

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Friday Night

Got A Funny Feeling

Peace Pipe

Nothing's Impossible - Feat.
Грацина Фраме исполнитель

The Young Ones

All For One

Lessons In Love

No One For Me But Nicky - Feat.
Грацина Фраме исполнитель

What D'You Know We'Ve Got A Show & Vaudeville Routine

Have A Smile For Everyone You Meet

Tinkle, Tinkle. Tinkle (Evergreen)

Algy The Piccadilly Johnny

Captain Ginjah


Where Did You Get That Hat?

What D'You Know, We'Ve Got A Show

Living Doll

When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart

Mambo: Just Dance

Mambo: Mood Mambo

The Savage

We Say Yeah

(It's) Wonderful To Be Young. Alternate Version (Bonus Track)

The Young Ones. Undubbed Version (Bonus Track)

Got A Funny Feeling. Alternate Version (Bonus Track)
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