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More Music From Braveheart

More Music From Braveheart

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Prologue: "I Shall Tell You Of William Wallace"

Outlawed Tunes On Outlawed Pipes

Royal Wedding

Trouble With Scotland

Scottish Wedding Music

Prima Noctes


Scotland Is Free!

Point Of War / Johnny Cope / Up In The Morning Early

Conversing With The Almighty

The Road To The Isles / Glendaural Highlanders / The Old Rustic Bridge By The Mill

Sons Of Scotland!

Vision Of Murron

Unite The Clans!

Legend Spreads

Why Do You Help Me?

For The Love Of A Princess

Not Every Man Really Lives

Prisoner Wishes To Say A Word

After The Beheading

You Have Bled With Wallace!

Warrior Poets

Scotland The Brave

Leaving Glen Urquhart