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Fernando Romero is the founder of LCM (1999) and most recently LAR (2005), an office that considers architecture to be vital as a translator of current societal needs. LAR seeks to generate unprecedented spaces, explore new structures and geometries, and to implement new materials and construction methods. Translation divides the projects of LCM and LAR into three categories: 'Fluid Bodies' are long-lasting private projects, designed for specific situations and built with high-tech resources; 'Revised Boxes' are buildings of a more public nature, whose technology is based on industrial products. The Inbursa Bank building, located on one of Mexico City's most prestigious avenues, the Paseo de la Reforma, has a faade of laminated glass that becomes opaque or transparent depending on the visitors physical position; 'Boxes', the third category of projects, combines rapidly applicable, cheap low-tech architecture generated from commercial wholesale products, like the facade of the Cinna Bar which LCM gave a new skin of red-tinted glass.