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Not just another book on architecture and design: Atmosphere invites, encourages and motivates. It goes beyond the basic components of form, colour and material to identify and explore seven atmospheric layers that not only exist simultaneously but – owing to their fleeting nature – can easily merge to form new combinations, over and over again: Almost Alive, Fields of Colour, Drawing the Line, In the Mix, Form Follows Fold, Handicraft 2.0, Down to Earth. Atmosphere is a seven-part exploration of the themes that spark creative work. It delves into a renewed interest in handicrafts, into creases and crinkles as generators of form, into nature as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Learn how designers deal with the chill perfection of CAD and how they counter a period of baroque extravagance. Each chapter is lavishly illustrated with recent work by top designers, architects and artists. Atmosphere will pump oxygen into future projects – including yours.