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In Detail: Semi-Detached and Terraced Houses

In Detail: Semi-Detached and Terraced Houses

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The desire to have a home of one’s own is still the leading motivation for those who wish to construct or purchase buildings. Semi-Detached and Terraced Houses and ribbon developments constitute an affordable alternative to the single-family house, especially for young families. In times of tight budgets and rising investment costs, they represent a sensible alternative to the freestanding single-family house, particularly in terms of their use of open space. That they can also be appealing, high-quality houses is shown by the selected international examples in this new volume in the series In Detail. The projects presented are organized by building material and clearly documented with an area map, ground plans, and interrelated sections. The documentation of examples is supplemented by technical articles offering concrete support and assistance for the planner and building sponsor. In addition to analyzing the typology of the high-density, single-family house, the volume introduces different planning and financing models as well as energy-saving building methods and construction with prefabricated parts.