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The exhibition aims to show different aspects of this art form. It will begin with the very traditional and anonymous work of the Sonink women of Mauritania. This is followed by the paintings in dots of clay on a red ground by the Thai artist Sakarin Krue-On. In the Olive Tree Patio there will be a vertical ivy garden designed by Jernimo Hagerman, which will also be visible from inside the temporary exhibition area, where it will share the space with examples of street art: the graffiti by UTRcrew, from Bosnia-Herzegovina, and by Operation Art Core, from Singapore.The show continues with the work of artists who generally intervene in public places, such as the German muralist Lothar Gtz and the Spanish duo Eltono and Nuria. These serve as a transition towards other examples of present-day mural art, such as the works by Brian Rea, Ludovica Gioscia and Paul Morrison.