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Rethink—Revitalizing and Renovating: Insulation

Rethink—Revitalizing and Renovating: Insulation

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The requirements for the energy-efficient design of new and existing buildings are being made more stringent all over the world, and it is reasonable to assume that architecture in general is moving toward a “zero-energy concept.” Whereas the construction industry is developing standard concepts for new buildings that satisfy requirements with minimal effort and expense, the situation with existing buildings is quite different. Specific existing buildings vary to such an extent that they have to be analyzed and executed individually, but only with a complete understanding of the culture of construction is it possible to solve satisfactorily energy issues. This book is the first in the “Rethink” series, in which the challenges of working with existing buildings are examined on different levels. When it is deemed worthwhile to preserve the outward appearance, interior insulation is the only option. When exterior insulation is feasible, it too has to be adapted to the specific case. Both tasks can be complex and complicated in terms of planning and construction. “Rethink – Revitalizing and Renovating” provides basic knowledge without which it would be scarcely possible to approach such tasks. Moreover, the broad spectrum of plastering practices is presented in the form of around twenty exemplary solutions. The projects are representative for the range of tasks and were selected not only according to their technical quality.