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Karol Schayer, Architect (1900–1971)

Karol Schayer, Architect (1900–1971)

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Although he was one of the most important figures of the Modern Movement in emigra- tion Karol Schayer is little known outside Lebanon. Using a wealth of previously unpub- lished original documents and illustrations this monograph reconstructs Schayer’s early career in Poland (1927–39), his years as an e?migre? in Turkey and Palestine (1939–46), and then his very successful and important creative period in architecture and furniture design in Lebanon (1946–70) with his succes-sive partners Fritz Gotthelf, Bahij Makdisi and Wassek Adib. Thus the lifework of this modernist architect becomes understand- able for the first time, and is shown to be clearly on a par with analogous achievements of the period around the world. This compre- hensive and richly illustrated monograph is the result of many years of tireless research by George Arbid, Associate Professor at the American University of Beirut.