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Scale: Furnish | Zone

Scale: Furnish | Zone

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How is space shaped, what elements are employed in that process, and how are the components that shape space defined? The fifth volume of the SCALE series, “Furnish | Zone” , treats the relationship between build- ing typology, building structure, spatial com- position, and interior architecture. It reveals how formulating the task relates to the list of requirements and explains the relationship between the shell and finishing the interior. “Furnish | Zone” includes an introduction to the topic of space and chapters on dressing and cladding, separating, and adapting. German Structured according to interiors elements, it effectively covers all the tasks of interior architecture and provides a valuable tool for designing everything from store fixtures to office spaces. Connections for walls, ceil- ings, and floors are explained in detail and supplemented by comments on selected projects. In addition, “Furnish | Zone” shows the potential added value of carefully consider- ing the design of spaces, for example, in terms of materials and lighting, or by making spaces and functions flexible.