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MUSAC, Txomin Badiola (*Bilbao, 1957), Jon Mikel Euba (*Bilbao, 1967) and Sergio Prego (*San Sebastian, 1969) present the first series of the project PROFORMA: Proforma 2010 BADIOLA EUBA PREGO: 30 exercises, 40 days, 8 hours a day. Between January and June 2010, MUSAC’s more than 4.000 m2 of exhibition space hosted an experiment in creation of artistic projects, beyond conventional notions of exhibition and pedagogy. This publication documents the development of this new experimental format that seeks to generate new forms of action, including production, exhibition, and above all, generation of knowledge and meaning within the realm of art practice taking place in a museum context, such as MUSAC. Within an exhibition venue, Proforma strives to be a catalyst of the process that would lead to an experience on a higher level than the mere consumption of finished works as cultural artefacts. It posits art as a path for gaining knowledge and communication, simultaneously occupying the planes of production, analysis and dissemination. It also proposes approaching an artwork from its myriad facets: as a product, a tool and an encounter. The publication will be a compilation of all the materials from the process, including documents, photographs and texts.