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Net Zero Energy Buildings

Net Zero Energy Buildings

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Net-zero energy buildings, equilibrium build- ings, or carbon-neutral cities—depending on location and underlying “agenda” , the statis- tics vary. The variety of terms in use indicates that a scientific method is still lacking— which poses a problem not just in regard to international communication, but also with respect to planning processes as a response to energy challenges. The clarification and meaning of the most important terms in use is extremely important for their implementa- tion. Since October 2008 a panel of experts from an international energy agency has con- cerned itself with these topics as part of a project entitled “Toward Net Zero Energy Solar Buildings”. The objective is to analyze exemplary buildings that are near a zero- energy balance in order to develop methods and tools for the planning, design, and oper- ation of such buildings. The results are docu- mented in this publication. More than just a showcase presentation of select projects, the focus of this publication is on relaying knowledge and experience gained by plan- ners and builders. Even if many questions remain unan- swered, project examples that have already been implemented prove on a practical basis that the objective of a zero-energy balance is already attainable today.