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About Plaster

About Plaster

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Plastering is very significant in contemporary architecture. In the wake of more stringent insulation and energy-efficiency requirements it is used above all in facade insulating systems. Often these are based on standard solutions and packages offered by manufacturers, with the result that the design possibilities of this simple but extremely versatile construction method are neglected. In this book new applications and techniques for plastering, and old ones that have been rediscovered, are documented in detail using built examples, revealing the material and aesthetic diversity of plaster. It documents the path from the design by way of development to actual execution, and offers essential points of reference for construction, with detail sketches ranging up to a scale of 1:20. Application methods for lime plaster, rough plaster, textured plaster and traditional sgraffito techniques are explained, as are creative and sustainable uses of plaster, paint and color tinting. The detailed information on plaster recipes and their practical use provides inspiration for the planning and execution of different systems. The book is supplemented by a foldout guide with a comparative overview of the types of plaster, and their surface effects are documented in a section containing illustrations of details.