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Planning landscape

Planning landscape

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When turning a design concept into a realiz- able plan, landscape architects are con- stantly switching back and forth between two levels: on the one hand, the general plan- ning standards and parameters for different types of open space, and on the other, the particular use-related requirements of the specific planning task. The publication “Plan- ning Landscape” offers the planner a practi- cal guide to achieving this balancing act. It compiles and summarizes dimensions, mea- surements and threshold values that are cru- cial to the decision-making process in designing a space. The first chapter explains the basics of, and general conditions for, designing in open spaces. The second chap- ter deals with measurements of general functional areas such as paths or railings. The third chapter focuses on special types of open spaces: dimensions of playing fields or of recreation areas in schoolyards, for exam- ple. The final chapter lists production-related dimensions for certain building materials, such as maximum and minimum sizes of pre- fabricated products or the working widths of tools and machinery. Aspects of barrier-free construction and sustainable planning approaches are integrated into each chapter.