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Verb Next

Verb Next

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Sustainability is a fashionable, growing social demand. Verb Next takes the obvious position that the social and environmental responsibility that we usually package under the term 'sustainability' should be the groundwork for design, a starting point rather than a goal. On the other hand, the research in Verb Next reveals significant economic, socio-cultural and political obstacles that prevent substainability operating as a prerequisite and questions whether the recipes for a responsible practice should be restarted. In order to do that, the publication is structured through a series of interviews to different agents that study or have participated in projects related with this field. It also unpacks the derailed development of two zero-waste, zero-carbon city plans. The world is dying for solutions not for problems. Because everybody is talking about the climate change problem, but nobody is talking about the climate change solutions. (Matthias Schuler / Transsolar)