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Scandinavian Design in the Dolls’ House 1950-2000

Scandinavian Design in the Dolls’ House 1950-2000

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This book takes you on a journey through changing trends in post-war Scandinavian interior design, reflecting the Nordic way of life that has influenced interior design throughout the world. Starting in the fifties with the influence of Carl Malmsten, a style eminently suitable to reproduce in miniature. In the sixties, the main influence came from Denmark. Brio marketed a miniature selection of furniture from Fritz Hansen scale 1:12.5. Three internationally well-known Swedish toy makers Brio, Lundby, and Micki built electrified dolls' houses from the early forties, the two-storey structure is based on houses commonly found in Sweden. A selection of wallpapers found in these dolls' houses from different periods are also shown in this book. Enjoy!