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Val del Omar: Overflow

Val del Omar: Overflow

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Jos Val del Omar (Granada 1904-Madrid 1982) cannot be described as having had a very specific activity, although his main support was film. He belonged to a generation that believed cinema was an art in its own right, rather than as the opium of the people. On the other hand, if he must be linked to film, it is as an outside creator, with few existing works, at least with respect to the amount that is currently preserved. He was an eccentric in the world of Spanish cinematography, which was little given to experimentalism. Over time he has become a cult figure whose veneration is renewed and is constantly growing. The beginning of his creative career is linked to the collective experience of the Pedagogical Missions, one of the paradigmatic projects of Spanish culture during the Second Republic and one to which he remained faithful throughout his life. The present volume includes essays by Francisco Baena, Thomas Beard, Eugeni Bonet, Nicole Brenez, Javier Codesal, Vctor Erice, Horacio Fernndez, Pedro G. Romero, Pedro Jimnez, Carlos Muguiro, Javier Ortiz-Echage, Manuel Palacio, Carmen Pardo, Gonzalo Senz de Buruaga and Manuel Villegas.