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Candrom 00:00:00 marks the start of the countdown for the recovery of the old Candrom greyhound stadium in Barcelona and its transformation into a centre for contemporary art. The nine projects which make up this publication have been selected from a total of eighty-one proposals submitted to the competition organized by CoNCA: centred on the theme of the buildings architecture and the local neighbourhood, the projects also reflect on the original function of the Candrom as a stadium for greyhound races. The building was designed in 1962 by the architect Antonio Bonet Castellana, and the renovation is by the architects Xavier Monteys, Jos Maria de Lecea, Laura Aybar and Marta Lpez. Artists featured: Margarita Andreu, Xavier Arens, Marc Arroyo, Isabel Banal, Ana de Matos, Albert Gusi, Gustavo, Jordi Mitj, Observatori Nmada.