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Rhythms, Cycles, Performances

Rhythms, Cycles, Performances

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One of the essential effects of the sustainability, not only in architecture, is the consideration to the objects' life span. From the moment when a building is required to be highly efficient, it used to be an unknown dimension for architecture; the service life. However, for various reasons currently this new dimension became a part of the project variables: the buildings and their components actually live, with their own biorhythm. The progress has not only seen one direction but it's a cocktail of solutions, in which from the most progressive sorts to the most traditional ones are blended. Ceramics symbolize this historical blend embracing unlimited possible futures in one material. Ceramics represent the millennial past of the inert material. On the other hand their soft nature, hardened by subsequent processes, allows any possibility to the form and technology. That makes ceramics as competitive as any other constructive material by their durability and low maintenance.