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Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok, Thailand

Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok, Thailand

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Today s airports are a new, distinctive building type, a combination of transportation centre and shopping mall. Like in a miniature city the passenger-visitor is lead through squares, streets, spaces and rooms for transportation, commercial and private uses. Bangkok s new Suvarnabhumi Airport is an outstanding example of innovative, integrated structural and environmental design, and the development and application of new materials and advanced technology. The result is a building bathed in controlled daylight in a tropical climate. After eleven years of planning and construction the terminal opened for passenger traffic in September 2006. Helmut Jahn is head of the renowned architectural firm Murphy / Jahn, based in Chicago. Founded over 70 years ago Murphy / Jahn has created many large-scale buildings in the US and Europe,such as the O Hare International Airport in Chicago, the Sony Center in Berlin and the Post Tower in Bonn.