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form 213

form 213

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The international design journal form will turn fifty next year. It was already a trailblazing and ambitious undertaking in 1957, when it was founded by designers Jupp Ernst, Wilhelm Wagenfeld, and others. That’s a standard to which the journal’s editorial team remains more committed than ever today. That is why form was recently made over more thoroughly than ever before in its history. The transformation is reflected in the magazine’s new subtitle, The Making of Design. The design process is now the central focus of every issue. Qualified authors offer in-depth, practical presentations on the genesis of unusual products and visual projects. With clear organization and a contemporary design, form provides valuable information on materials and production techniques, tips for the everyday work world, and in-depth cover stories on current trends and tendencies in product and graphic design – for example on design as the cities’ new calling card and on the merging of architecture and design. The trade journal form is published bimonthly in German and English. The new form: more relevant, more service-oriented, more topical.