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New technologies, particularly IT and biotech, are driving humans towards an unprecedented crossroad of change. Sensory organs extended into space and time thanks to the web, prosthetics and genetic alterations that transform us into hybrid and artificially viable beings, a new paradigm that defines us as information flows some of the clichs of science fiction are amongst todays realities. The books title references the idea that the human body is seen today as an organism reconstructed via mechanical or electronic devices, transplants, xenotransplants, compounded by all sorts of chemical substances or even budding genetic therapies, which make it increasingly difficult to uphold an image of bodily integrity. Marina Nuez thus underlines how the image of a body-collage is imposed: hybrid, unstable, metaphorical, artificially viable, where boundaries (with the world, with other beings) cease to be unbreachable to become porous and fuzzy.